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Author: CRonaldo 26-11-2013, 01:23 Category: App

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Soundiron Sick III KONTAKT-MAGNETRiXX | 3.02 GB

Welcome to Sick Volume 3: Dark Places. This deep sound & music design collection features 175 professional dark/suspense/horror environments, soundscapes, hellscapes and nightmare worlds, with well over 4 GB of premium sample content. Weve hand-crafted horrific demonic creatures, feverish states of sonic delirium, monstrously shambling slavering hordes and discordant fever dreams. We traveled to the edge of a hurricane and wandered the endless halls of decrepit, vermin infested industrial, military and institutional ruins to capture authentic, production grade field ambiences that truly live and breathe.

Sick 3 also includes a massive collection of 335 live stereo convolution reverb impulse response files that weve captured in a wide range of remote horror-friendly environments, including bunkers, prisons, waterfronts, graveyards, forests, chambers, warehouses, sewers and more. Weve focused this library of impulses on environments that tend toward the darker and more foreboding, from the vast hopelessness of a derelict prison hall to a terrifyingly claustrophobic earthen grave. Recorded at a variety of capture distances, angles and degrees of occlusion, they provide realistic coloration and spatialization when placing additional instruments, sound design and foley into a mix, whether youre working with any of the Sick 3 ambiences or using the impulses to augment other source material in music, film, television, video game or multimedia production. This array of acoustically accurate impulse responses are provided as standard stereo pcm waves that are compatible with any convolution effect, host, virtual instrument or utility that supports wav impulse import.

If youre already familiar with the first two volumes in our classic Sick series, this is where it gets real. This librarys sample content is designed to meet the needs and uncompromising standards of professional sound designers, rerecording mixers, film-makers, video game designers and post-production specialists. Weve also painstakingly programmed and tailored it to fit seamlessly into the creative workflow of more adventurous composers and songwriters seeking fresh meat to carve and sculpt into their darker sonic urges.

The library is programmed for Native Instruments Kontakt 4.2.4 and later, with a fully-equipped custom user interface that provides real-time automation control over note attack, sample start position offset, intensity swelling, release fade time, tuning and dual sonic layer blending. There is also an integrated EQ, convolution reverb selector and control module and an optional simulated 3-part harmonic polyphonic legato tool that allows you to smoothly tie one pitch to the next. All of the samples are also included as categorized and clearly named stereo wave files that can be imported and used in any wav-format compatible audio environment, sampler, editor, sequencer or other audio software you like.

And just for fun, weve even programmed the convolution impulses into special percussion banks that allow you to actually play each location as a drum. This is due to the sharp snapping quality that an impulse response has, with each acoustic environment imparting its own unique qualities into the frequency, phase, reflection and tail as the pulse decays. As a drum, these impulses can actually work remarkably well as unique snare drums, kicks, clicks, snaps and hi-hats if you listen and play with an open mind. In effect, youll have the ability to play the world around you as a drum almost literally.

- 335 Convolutions including churches, halls, sewers, outside spaces and much much more
- Creature sounds
- Drones
- Urban environments
- Wild environments
- Atmospheres

NKI Program Presets
This library is designed for the full retail version of Kontakt 4 or later (Kontakt 5 is also supported). The free Kontakt Player does not support this library. It features 16 presets for Kontakt 4/5.

Our custom UI features front panel controls for Swell (volume), Attack, Offset, Release, Stepping, Blend and more. The side buttons give you access to built-in effect such as EQ, Reverb and Legato.

510 Samples (standard pcm wav)
16 .nki files K4 (open format)
4.45 GB installed
24 bit / 48kHz stereo PCM wav format
Format(s): Kontakt 4 .nki and pcm .wav

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2007  kbps
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2461  kbps
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